Space Class

Complete Brand Development

Space Class brings a S.T.E.M. experience into your home with engaging educational videos and is taught by NASA Rocket Scientist & Professional Space Educator, Kevin J DeBruin. Space Class has 10 different Space Science, Space Vehicle & Space Exploration lessons to offer.

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with some serious hustle in his veins. He wanted to make Aerospace subjects more available to kids and at a much more affordable price. So he dreamed up Space Class! And in order for it to be taken seriously, he knew he was going to need some strong branding and a slick website to go along with it.

The approach and strategy for Space Class branding was rather simple in that it really just needed to appeal to kids. This was accomplished through a bright color palette, bold & playful typography and a graduation cap with a rocket ship tassel! Space Class has a strong brand identity from the get-go that stands out and is easy to recognize!

Space Class also took advantage of the Complete Branding Package and had a new website designed and developed with Webflow. Their website includes a Shopify integration that makes purchasing easier to do and right on the Space Class website.

Blast off!

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The story and the process.

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