Think Different.
Design Different.
BfredDesign is a freelance graphic design studio run by Brandon Frederickson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m a full-service freelance graphic designer specializing in Logo Design, Graphic Design and Webflow Design for small businesses. My mission is simple – to ELEVATE brands through unique and IMPACTFUL design and branding.

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what i do

Logo Design

A unique mark and logo design system that represents your brand

Your logo impacts your business

A strong logo makes a lasting first impression and engages your audience. It is a catalyst for developing trust and brand loyalty. I design logos that adapt to all of your business needs and ELEVATE your branding. Hit the button below to see the logo design packages I have to offer!
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Graphic Design & Branding

Impactful branding through strategic and thoughtful graphic design

Branding impacts your business

A great brand has the ability to make its audience feel a certain way. That gut feeling that you get when you interact with a company, that's branding.

Brand consistency leads to brand recognition. The best brands establish strong visual identities and brand assets so that their audience can spot them from a mile away. I can help design collateral and assets that will make your brand become more recognizable and memorable. Hit the button below to see the graphic design packages I have to offer!
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Webflow Design & Development

Impactful digital experiences that engage your audience

Your website impacts your business

Your website is the most important brand asset of all. An outdated or slow website is a guaranteed way to lose the interest of your audience. I design and build websites that are unique and never built from a template. And I strictly use the Webflow CMS.

Never heard of Webflow or unsure if it's the right choice for your site? Book a free call with me and I can give you the low-down on why I love using Webflow and whether it's right for you and your small business.

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Trust the Process

Here's how this all works


An initial call where we talk about your project and all of your design needs. After the call, I give you a quote based on what we discussed. Once this is accepted, you'll sign the agreement and make the deposit payment to make it official!


Another call to take a deep dive into your project. Prior to this call, I send you a creative brief to fill out and will typically ask you to put together a mood board to give me a sense of what design styles you like. This step is crucial and the most important for setting the tone and direction of your project!


I take all of the details and information that I've gathered through steps 1 and 2 and I make your vision come to life. This is where you get to chill and patiently wait for the design concepts to magically travel from my computer to yours. Some people call

Tweak & Refine

This is our opportunity to make changes. It's critical in this step that you provide quality feedback. Share things you like and anything you may not like. The greater the quality of your feedback, the more efficient we can be in this step!

Finalize & Deliver

Once you have approved all design work, your final files are packaged up and once again, magically transferred from my computer to yours. BOOM! That's it! Just like that, your business hopped on the branding elevator and took it all the way to the top floor.


See what my clients have to say
Brandon is super awesome to work with. He's got the skills that hopefully are paying his bills.
– Brandon Frederickson, BfredDesign
Brandon is super awesome to work with. He's got the skills that hopefully are paying his bills.
– Brandon Frederickson, BfredDesign