This is the squad.

Owner & Designer

Yo! I'm the guy behind all of this orange. I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer that lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I specialize in helping small businesses with Logo Design, Graphic Design and Webflow Design.

Prior to becoming a full-time freelance graphic designer in 2021, I worked as a graphic designer for a couple of small agencies in the Milwaukee area as well as with the Milwaukee Bucks. In my 9+ years of experience, I have dabbled in a little bit of everything. From concepting award-winning ad campaigns and developing complete brand identities to designing NBA courts and playoff giveaway shirts, I have had some truly unique opportunities that have paved the way to a wide array of creative skills.

I have always felt like my brain worked a little bit different than other people. That feeling finally clicked in college when I realized that I had a natural instinct to think strategically and creatively about virtually everything. So I leaned into that mentality to keep myself outside of the box with all of my work. When you think different, you design different.

One thing has always been at the foundation of my work. IMPACT. I strive to create lasting impressions through impactful visual elements. My end goal is always the same. Elevate the brands I work with so they stand out in whatever crowd they're in.

Goodest Girl & Shoe Thief

In 2021, my wife surprised me with an incredible birthday gift...a yellow lab puppy! Coming up with a name for anything is difficult, but I knew I wanted to name her after something personal and meaningful to my life. And if you know me, you know that I love to drink craft beer and whiskey. So, one night, after a few drinks and some help from our neighbors, we came up with the name Barley!

On most days, Barley can be found begging her (much older) sister, Sophie, to play with her, stealing our socks and shoes or fulfilling her neighborhood watch duties from our front window. And then there’s nothing quite like a big Barley snuggle to end the day.

She is truly the goodest girl!

Think Different.
Design Different.


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