May One

Complete Rebrand

May One is an integrative and holistic wellness clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is run by Morgan Shea. May One is a team built of Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Certified Reiki Practitioners. But this clinic is different than most with their whole body, whole person care approach.

Originally named Morgan Shea Health & Wellness, big things were happening for Morgan's business as she was starting to see a lot of growth and transformation. Because of this, she knew that a rebrand was necessary to the future success of her business.

Morgan Shea Health & Wellness had a one size fits all logo. The brand lacked diversity and adaptability. May One now has a timeless logo system that allows the brand to flourish and work in exponentially more ways than the previous brand.

In addition to a new logo, May One also needed a slick new website to go along with the full rebrand. I built the May One website entirely with Webflow in a one-page style that allows users to find all of the information they need on a single page. May One's new website is topped off with some subtle and crisp animations and interactions as you scroll the page.

May One now has a much more consistent brand that will allow for greater brand recognition for many years to come!

May One primary logo.
May One secondary logo.
May One partial logo.
May One logo mark.
May One Webflow website landing page on laptop.
May One Webflow mobile website screens.
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The story and the process.

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