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Earlier this year, I ran a giveaway on my Instagram that was targeted towards Milwaukee-area small businesses. The winner would get a free Logo Design service from me and set the future of their brand identity up for success for many years to come.

Erin Monfre was the winner of that giveaway. Erin is a fitness coach and trainer in Milwaukee and she was just starting her own business, MONFRE LLC. As she gained clients at a rapid pace, she knew her business needed a logo in order to take it to the next level, feel more professional and ultimately, to start creating some brand recognition.

Through the discovery phase and talking through a creative brief, I knew Erin's logo was going to be all in the details. And that is exactly what we ended up with...a logo that tells a story and connects with Erin's life and passion for fitness.

The MONFRE LLC logo mark is in an M shape to symbolize the name of the business.

The structure of the M is created with the perspective of opening doors as a way to connect her logo with her tagline, "Leave the BS at the Door."

The opening doors are stylized into the numbers 0 and 8. This is to symbolize the year that Erin's mother passed away and the inspiration behind starting MONFRE LLC.

Below the M shape is an arrow pointing towards the opening doors. The arrow and its direction are symbolic of mental health and where all of her clients need to leave their BS before focusing on their workout with her.

MONFRE LLC now has a diverse set of logos and brand assets that set the tone for many years to come.

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The story and the process.

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