2018 Bucks Playoffs Giveaway Shirts

Graphic Design, T-Shirt Design

The 2017-18 season was exciting for Bucks fans. Especially with being back in the playoffs after a first round exit the year before. Giannis was really starting to come to life and the fan base was ready for the Bucks to make a deep run.

When I worked for the Bucks, developing the Playoffs art direction was always one of my favorite projects to work on. It was always Fear the Deer themed, which always leaned towards a more impactful creative look. Applying the art direction to the giveaway t-shirts was my hands down my favorite part. The season before featured the original "Face" shirt with just the facial features of the deer from the primary logo. That year's design took it one step further to elevate that look with the Fear the Deer tagline worked into the nose. Little did I know it would turn into such a crowd favorite and is still a shirt I see around to this day.

Go Bucks!

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The story and the process.

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